Architectural forms

It does not take psychologists to show that design and architectural shapes have an impact on us. The owner of all life is Mother Nature. It gives us the feelings of harmony in her habitat because everything in it is created in identical proportions and resonates with each other. Our intuition gives us a feeling of well-being in connection with this harmony.


Aesthetic spaces

The concept of aesthetics can not be objectively defined simply because every viewer has his own perception. Our desire is to develop spaces that come closer to natural forms. For this we use round and sphere shaped tents. Building like this leads to a lifestyle that frees itself from sharp lines that run into constricting corners.

Analogies to the spherical

Spherical form is the most commonly encountered form in nature when it comes to covering a body. The thinking and control instrument of man is under a dome, the skullcap. In the plant and animal world, we encounter globular and dome shapes of all kinds and forms of expression. In the photos you can see the armadillo and below it a cocoon.

Examples in which people use these forms can be found in various historical and contemporary objects, such as pitchers, vases and containers, nomadic tent structures, huts and houses of peoples who thrive and live with the cycles of nature.

The cupola is a central element in the monumental architecture of secular buildings, such as train station halls, government buildings and in the sacral buildings of all world religions: In churches, domes and cathedrals of Christians, stupas or dagobas of Buddhist culture, mosques of Muslim culture, and temples of the Hindus.


A contribution from us to experience harmony is the tri-dome cathedral

The TriDome was constructed by us on the basis of the geometry of the symbol of the flower of life and can be rented for cultural events for some years now.

ArchaDome is open towards new ideas

A general view of Christian Illies, Dr. Ing. phil., born. 1963; Professor of Philosophy, University of Bamberg:

The philosophy of architecture is still in its infancy. And yet, the task of philosophical thinking continues to be worthwhile: Little surrounds us as comprehensively as the world we build around us - at the same time our eyes and ears are often closed to their message and philosophy. It is time to move deeper into this important area of human culture so that we can better understand the architecture of our society - and thus ourselves - and perhaps build it better in the future.

ArchaDome is open towards new ideas - we wish you much inspiration and we are here to realize your ideas!

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